RecordingMagic: Professional call recording, 100% guaranteed, at a magically low price

Record a single phone…

Recording Magic lets you record as little as one phone and still have the industrial-strength features of the most sophisticated systems. Record your home line, a chain of shops, or a collection of branch offices. Then find all your calls easily in a single place. See More...

Or record thousands…

RecordingMagic is based on recording technology used in the world's biggest call centers, which means we can handle thousands of phones. So you can record your smallest offices and your biggest ones and still access everything from a single web-based interface. See More...

And listen from anywhere

RecordingMagic securely stores all your recordings over the web, so you can access from anywhere - even your smartphone. And since we've recorded over 600 million calls for hundreds of companies throughout the world, you know you can trust that your data is safe. See More...

Lowest Possible Price

RecordingMagic does the "heavy lifting" of recording at our central operations center - not at your office. This means we spread the cost of powerful technology over many customers, keeping our costs low.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We've recorded over 600 million calls on thousands of phones over the past 15 years. We're so sure you'll be satisfied, we'll refund your purchase for any reason - no questions asked.

Painless Operation

Our "plug and play" installation takes a few minutes for a handful of phones or a few hours if you have hundreds. And once you're done, you're done. 99% of customers won't touch the system again until they change their phones.

Security You Can Trust

Because we record for banks, hospitals - among others - our security meets all the leading standards (PCI, HIPPA, etc.). Our controls include 256-bit encryption, key management, biometrics and 24-hour surveillance.